Industrial Accelerator
About pulsar

Industrial Accelerator is Pulsar Venture Capital’s Acceleration program,focused on funding and nurturing early-stage disruptive projects from EasternEurope and Middle Asia in Information Technology, Advanced materials, Medicine of the future, Hardware,Biotechnologies. Pulsar Venture Capital works on Industrial program in a pair with other acceleration programs to support entrepreneurs who are powering the thousands of businesses, technologies, and innovations that are needed to break open the economic and socialopportunities of the future.

Pulsar Venture Capital (Pulsar VC) is an international early-stage venture capital fund and startup acceleration program with a main office in Kazan (Russia) and presence in Dublin (Ireland), Silicon Valley (USA), Dubai (UAE) and Singapore.

Pulsar VC invests in early-stage startups with global and cross-regional opportunities focusing on disruptive companies in blockchain/cryptocurrency, IT, hardware, and advanced materials.

Pulsar VC runs an International Acceleration program that is rated #1 in Russia in 2016/2017 by UBI Global. The program attracts top notch companies from Eastern Europe where Pulsar VC provides seed funding and extensive support with business development and fundraising from industry experts, mentors, advisors and investors.


Pavel Korolev

Managing Partner, Founder (Russia)

Leonard Grayver

Partner (USA)

Dmitry Shaposhnikov

Investment Director, Head of Pulsar Acceleration Program (Russia)

Sergei Mitrofanov

Investment Director, Portfolio Business Development and Branding (Russia)

Gadir Shiraliyev

Investment Director, IR & Corporate Relationships (Russia)

Who should apply

You are welcome if your product or solution is

  • Solve a real problems in major and emerging industries
  • Have a good and cohesive team
  • Disruptive and Innovative
  • Promising and aimed to scale worldwide

Particular attention will be paid to projects that are developing in the following areas:

  • - Information technology
  • - Advanced materials
  • - Medicine of the future
  • - Hardware
  • - Biotechnologies
  • - Energy


  • January 22, 2017 - March 22, 2018

    Applications submissions

  • Review and interviews
    with companies

    March 1, 2018 - March 31, 2018
  • April 1, 2018 - April 15, 2018

    Series of

  • Top 20 companies will
    be invited to pitch at the Selection Day of
    PVC Acceleration Program 2018 in Kazan,

    April 18 - 19, 2018
  • May 1, 2018 - July 31, 2018

    Acceleration Program

  • Demo Day in Kazan,

    Dec 13, 2018
apply now

What we offer to
accepted startups:


Investment to develop your product and business

Expert Services

Strategy, Business Development, Marketing and Community Management.

Mentorship from industry leaders

Tailored to your specific business needs. Each participating company receives generalist adviser and specialist mentors to help with business planning, intellectual property protection, marketing, financing and more.


The Pulsar Venture Capital and Enterprise Ireland membership networks provide access to business leaders, service providers and investors from across the region.

Hands-on business and financing workshops

To assist with business model creation, product development, market development and funding strategies (Expert Services - Strategy, Business Development, Marketing and Community Management.) .

Customer discovery assistance.

Get help connecting with potential partners and customers to hone your MVP (minimally viable product) and go-to-market strategy.


For your company and brand from established Pulsar Venture Capital and Enterprise Ireland events, programs and marketing outreach.

Investors and advisors network

+ Paricipating in 2 International events

* Going through the ico program

For the specific projects with a binding of blockchain technologies, Public Token Sale (ICO) Launch and Support is available, to gain the additional investment attraction and marketing advantages



Accelerator gets the company
equity of $60 000 ($35 000 + $25000)

cash investment

during the first

after acceleration program
goal achieving and reaching
KPI targets

Accelerator timeline

3-6 months program

(depends on the applicant's business specific)

During acceleration program we will have
following meetings and sessions:

1. Biweekly Status Meeting (obligatory for all AP participants) - to share the status of business development and useful knowledge, insight and challenges

2. Business training sessions - for acquiring knowledge and business development tools from acceleration program experts

3. Individual meetings - to discuss your achievements and difficulties and find the solutions how to improve your growth.

  • Advisors Matching

    Startups will meet with Pulsar mentors network and choose an Advisor to join their team.

  • Preparations for coming to market

    After this step you will get first inner document drafts such as: business plan, development plan, marketing plan.

  • First international event

    1. Establish a relationship with future partners
    2. Proof the concept of your ideas
    3. Find potential customers

  • Meetings session

    1. Online and offline meetings with people from your industry
    2. Councils and question-and-answer sessions from invited experts

  • Roadmap

    1. The processing of the feedback received from the experts
    2. Creating a roadmap for product developmen

  • Organization & HR

    1. Effective team management
    2. Project management
    3. Strengthening the team
    4. Personal efficiency

  • Accounting & Legal

    1. Forming an application for intellectual property
    2. The main literacy of taxation

  • Financing & Investment

    1. The main literacy of types of investment

  • Second international event

    1. Make first sells
    2. Find new strategic partners

how we assess

Based on the information you provided, we evaluate candidates on the following criteria:

apply now


Business model and monetization approach. Sales and marketing plans. Cost structure. Financial forecast.


Understanding of competition. Disruption potential of your product/solution.

Area of your business

We evaluate the potential of your business within Industrial area

Product description

Innovativeness and relevance of your business idea to solve theustomer problem. Scalability.


Relevance to your business idea and product.What are their strengths? Do you have enough passion and experience to develop this business?

Check-points on the road



Pulsar network and community

Brainstorming - participants will collaborate with other peers and experts to generate new ideas and optimize their business model and token utilization.

Best practices - startups share their lessons learned with each other to help improve the business model, positioning, marketing and communications.

Expand Network - participants will meet many new founders, experts, investors and key players in the blockchain ecosystem.